Equine Structural Integration Therapy


Structural Integration Therapy is designed to help the connective tissue release and reorganize, returning your horse’s body to its natural balance.  This therapy is very similar to “rolfing” in humans. The structural integration series usually consists of five to six progressive sessions.  The first work is on the outer layers of tissue, building trust and identifying your horse’s holding patterns and areas of tension.  As these outer layers become more flexible, we are able to work more deeply in the horse’s structure releasing restrictions and integrating the areas of the body that share movement functions so that your horse can move freely, powerfully, and in balance.

The effects of structural integration are long-lasting because we are reprogramming- not simply relaxing- the connective tissue.  After five to six sessions, horses typically only require a tune-up every 6-9 months.



Sessions are approximately 90-120 minutes long.  These sessions are $100 per session plus travel.

This same work is also beneficial for your dogs.  Canine sessions are approximately 30 minutes long.  These sessions are $40 per session plus travel.